Things To Do

People come to Wellfleet for so many different reasons. Most, though, come for the water. One group favors the Cape Cod brine, making the beaches the main draw. And for good reason. There are miles and miles of white sand beaches, hundreds of yards wide along the Oceanside. What’s best is many are part of the National Seashore, and therefore they are protected. Four beaches, LeCount’s Hollow, White Crest, Cahoon Hollow, and Newcomb Hollow are few minutes away from Hidden Hollow Cottage. Each beach has its own unique character, so sample them all and discover a new favorite place.

Other folks come for Wellfleet’s sweetwater kettle ponds, formed long, long ago by the glaciers. There are a variety of ponds that have beaches and shallows, perfect for families and kids. Some, like Gull and Great Ponds, have miles of coastline. Others, like Duck or Dyer Ponds, are much smaller and intimate. The clear water is terrific for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, or sailing.

Our region got its handle honestly because of the fishing. To be sure, cod are a highly-prized species, but you’ll find more anglers along the beaches, flats, rips and shoals searching for striped bass, bluefish and tuna. During the year, and particularly in September and October for the annual Fall Run, anglers line up along the shore as they have done for the past 100 years. More recently, anglers come to Cape Cod for the sight fishing. The style is a modified version of the techniques used in the Tropics, but the thrill is identical: you cast to a fish you can see. The shallow water flats and the clear water thrill old and young anglers alike. Odds are you’ll be so excited that you won’t even care if your fish is small. Bring your gear or book a charter captain for a day of fishing to remember.

Boating, be with motor, sail, or a paddle, is a big draw. Some bring their own vessels, while others beg, borrow, or rent their way onboard. If you’ve got your own craft, you’re set-to-jet. But if you want to get on the water there are motor- and sailboats available for rent, lessons to take, or day-charters to get you out and about. Head to Great Island, Jeremy Point or Billingsgate Island to watch the seals.

Kayaking is an increasingly popular pastime. Nowadays, these boats are open-cockpit so you just get in and paddle. Blackfish Creek and Fox Marsh, some 75 yards away from Hidden Hollow Cottage, are in the top 5 destination spots in Wellfleet. You can walk down to the Town Landing, paddle, and be back home without having to load up your vehicle.

Hiking the miles of trails around this Cape Cod Vacation Home is a great way to get exercise and see the abundant wildlife. Out the back door from Hidden Hollow Cottage are miles of cut and marked trails that spread through the Fox Marsh Conservation Area. Depending on the time of year you will see Osprey’s and Blue Heron fishing, sea ducks like Eider, Bufflehead, and Scoter diving, Cardinals, Robins, and Hummingbirds flittering. Hidden Hollow Cottage attracts a significant number of Orioles in the Spring and Summer. And who knows? You may even spot a Red Fox.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail, formerly known for transporting vacationers and provisions from the mainland, is now a bike trail. The Wellfleet section has been completely remodeled, and begins behind the South Wellfleet General Store. The parking lot has been expanded, the paths repaved, and it’s two-minutes away from Hidden Hollow Cottage. Pick up some water and snacks, peddle to Marconi Beach, and stop along the path for an afternoon ice cream on your return. If you prefer to hit the trails on your mountain bike, you can get started right out the door and ride through the Fox Marsh trails.

Golfers and Tennis aficionados can hit the links and the courts, respectively. The Chequessett Yacht & Country Club is open to the public. Here you can play on an 18-hole course that has water views off the tee. Tennis Courts are available, or if you favor a slower, more traditional game, you can book some time at Oliver’s Clay Courts. The Club offers sailing lessons, so if you have children in tow they can learn to sail while you putt out.

Many folks like the activities in Wellfleet. From the boutique shopping and antiquing, the art galleries (be sure to check out the Friday Night Gallery Stroll), and a variety of restaurants, you’re sure to have a ball. There are countless activities spread throughout the week, like the Sunday concert series at the Congregational Church, Square Dancing on Wednesdays at the Harbor, even Shakespeare Performances at Baker Field overlooking Mayo Beach.